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Promise Ring

A promise ring is an ornament that symbolizes a pledge, bond or promise between two people. Such rings are not specific to one gender. Men and women can wear these rings. In fact, given the various types of promise rings, it is not surprising to find exchanging rings between the same gender.

What are the origins of the promise ring? This tradition dates back hundreds of years. It is derived from olden days when marriage between two people was not just an act of love, but rather a joining of two families (their land, finances, etc.). Thus, when two people intend to marry it was usually announced at a betrothal ceremony. This was a legally binding ceremony where the man presented a ring to the woman as a symbol of this promise.

Today, a promise ring can have many meanings. There is, of course, a derivation of the marriage promise - this ring represents an intention of marriage. What are the other types? Some people make abstinence promises to each other via a promise ring. This might be a vow to stop smoking or a no-sex-before-marriage pledge. Friendship rings, with a promise of eternal bond, are also popular.

Do you have to wear the promise ring on a particular hand/finger? While there are no specific rules as such, certain 'placement' choices are advisable. For instance, someone who is single and available might want to avoid wearing their friendship promise ring as an engagement ring. Some couples who wear promise rings prior to engagement might opt to wear them on their left hand's ring finger. This swifts to the right hand once the official engagement takes place.

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Promise Rings! Hot Symbols of Commitment Since the 16th Century!

What's all this fuss about promise rings? Are they something new or have they been around for a while? What do they mean and why is my teenager wearing one? If you've ever wondered what the rage is all about, then you've come to the right place!

What exactly is a promise ring?

When an agreement or oath has been made between two people, a promise ring is a piece of jewelry given as a token of the commitment that was made.

Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Well, be careful because the promise made between two people can be practically anything. It's imperative that both parties are clear on the meaning of the pact or pledge. For example:

Monogamy: A promise to stay faithful to one another.

Chastity or Purity: A promise to keep ones virginity until marriage.

Friendship: A promise to seal a pledge of eternal friendship.

Substance or Sobriety: A promise to remain free from addictive behavior (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, etc.).

Religious or Christian: A promise to remain committed to one's faith or belief in the God of their understanding.

These are just a few of the more popular reasons to give or wear a promise ring.


That being said, the most popular reason to give a promise ring is for pre-engagement.

Are you confused yet? Pre-engagement is actually not as bad as it sounds. It has always been popular to exchange promise rings, so a couple can showcase their commitment to one another prior to getting engaged. In other words, this ring is symbolic of a promise there will be an engagement ring forthcoming.

If you are old enough to remember "going steady" with someone then giving this type of promise ring is kind of the updated version of going steady. The symbolism of the promise ring is really no different than a girl of years ago wearing her boyfriend's high school ring on a chain around her neck or wearing her steady boyfriend's letterman jacket. If you are too young to understand this analogy, talk to your parents or grandparents and they can enlighten you.

This trial period before the engagement is a good way for a couple to test the waters before they make an actual commitment to marriage. Some may scoff at this gesture of pre-engagement. However, with the rise in divorce rates in this country it may be wise to start off slowly in the relationship instead of rushing ahead into something you are not ready for.

The other good news here is that a promise ring costs significantly less than an engagement ring. It makes a wonderful alternative for the couple who chooses not to spend a fortune on a ring at this time but still wants to make a statement about their commitment to one another.

How does one wear a promise ring - which finger, which hand?

Basically it's strictly a matter of personal preference, however the finger and hand you choose can depend entirely on the type of ring it is and in some cases the type of pledge. For example, an Irish Claddagh ring can have several meanings depending on the way it is:

Worn on the left hand, the wearer has made a promise of love and fidelity.

Worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward, the wearer's heart is free.

Worn on the right hand with the heart turned inward, the Wearer's heart is taken.

If you are exchanging friendship rings, it may be wise to wear the ring on your right hand so there is no confusion about romantic ties. There are many different types of rings you can share with a friend that will be meaningful to you both. A fun vacation you went on or the love of a certain hobby or animal, for example. My best friend and I share a love of cats. Therefore, we bought matching kitty cat rings, gold with diamond pave no less! These rings are special only to us and are a symbol of our friendship.

Most people associate the wearing of a ring on the left hand ring finger to mean that a significant commitment of some sort has been made.

If the promise is for pre-engagement, many couples choose to wear this ring on their left hand ring finger. They then switch the ring to their right hand once the actual engagement ring or wedding band is received.

Likewise a ring exchanged for the promise of monogamy or fidelity would be worn on the left hand ring finger to symbolize that the wearer's heart is taken.

Where did the promise ring originate?

Rings themselves have been symbolic for many thousands of years. The circle has no beginning and no end and is a strong symbol for eternity.

Have you ever heard of a scribbling ring? In sixteenth century England, uncut diamond crystals were set into rings and exchanged by lovers. The wearers of these scribbling rings would use the points of the diamonds to etch (or "scribble") romantic writings to each other in glass, mirrors or windows.

Another popular ring exchanged during Shakespearian times was called a Posey Ring. Posey rings are inscribed with poetic phrases or dates significant to the wearer.

It is believed that wearing words next to ones skin has a magical effect. These symbolic words may be carved on the outside or inside of the ring, or on both sides, there is no right or wrong way to do it!

Posey rings are a romantic way to share an expression of love and come engraved with beautiful sayings. It is no surprise that since French is said to be the language of love -- the French poseys are very popular. Some special phrases include:

A Ma Vie De Coer Entier - My whole heart for my whole life

A Vila Mon Coer, Gardi Li Mo - Here is my heart, guard it well

Amor Meus - My Love

Autre Ne Veuil - No one, but you

De M'Amoure Soiez Sure - Of my love be sure

Ok, so maybe French isn't your thing - how about one of these:

In Gaelic - Anam Cara - Soul Friend

In English - I Am My Beloved's & My Beloved Is Mine

In Latin - Semper Amenus - Our love is forever

In German - Mine Genyst - My heart

In Hebrew - Mazel Tov - Marital good luck ring

Christian - With This Ring, I Thee Wed

In Italian - Mani In Fede - Hands Together in Faith

In Spanish - No Tengo Mas Que Darte - I have nothing more to give you but my heart

Use your imagination and write a Posey of your own!

The list of Posey ring sayings is endless! If you really want to "wow" the love of your life, come up with a special phrase that is meaningful to just the two of you. Having a special ring engraved with one of your own poseys would be a very romantic way for you to share your most heartfelt sentiments with a special someone you care about!

Mary Ferguson is a successful writer and internet entrepreneur. She has written many informative jewelry articles on such topics as Promise Ring Significance, and Promise Ring Etiquette.

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Diamond Promise Rings - For When You Mean It

Diamond promise rings are quite common, but many are not all that sure what they are. What is a promise ring? And what does it mean?

Promise rings (all of them, not just diamond promise rings, I just love diamond ones) are a symbol of a promise made between 2 people that both intend to keep.

Not just any old promise, there are lots of those. But a really serious promise. One that is so important between two people that they are both prepared to make a public statement of their promise and intention to keep it by the wearing of a diamond promise ring.

They can also be known variously as a pre engagement ring, or a purity ring. Each is slightly different. Sometimes they are called a friendship ring, perhaps incorrectly.

A pre engagement ring is a symbol of an intention between 2 people to get engaged at some time in the future. A diamond promise ring of this type is a serious commitment. One not to be undertaken lightly. A statement to all who see it that these 2 people are committed to each other. That although the time is not right, for various reasons, to get engaged, they have both been prepared to make that serious commitment regardless.

A friendship ring is slightly different and may not be, strictly speaking, a promise ring. It is more commonly a symbol of a very strong friendship between 2 people. There is of course, nothing wrong with this at all, just that it is not strictly a symbol of a promise. Just a symbol of a special feeling. For example where 2 strong friends find that their lives take them to different parts of the world they can exchange diamond promise rings to seal their continuing friendship.

A diamond purity ring, on the other hand, is a symbol of a very strong promise of a very serious nature between 2 people. This is perhaps the most well known and most serious type of diamond promise ring, and perhaps requires the most thought, and the most commitment.

Often entered into between 2 younger people, a purity ring is a promise about sexual purity. Often made between 2 young people for religious reasons, it is a promise to abstain from sexual activity until a certain time, usually their marriage.

And it need not always be a promise made between 2 people, it can also be a promise to oneself. A display of a promise that a young person shall remain pure until the time is right. Still, though, a very serious promise.

Some consider that a purity ring of this type is a promise between 2 "people", in that the other half of the partnership is God. That this is a covenant or a promise made between a young person and his or her God.

The types of promise rings described are not exclusive. Diamond promise rings can be exchanged really for any reason. However it is very important, firstly, that both people understand exactly the nature of what is being promised. If possible write it down so there can be no misunderstandings. If it can be encapsulated in a short phrase why not get it inscribed on the ring?

And why diamond promise rings, rather than other types of promise rings?

Just because diamonds are the best. Nothing beats a diamond for a ring.

And because they aren't cheap, so the mere fact that you've both made a promise that you are prepared to cement by the serious commitment of spending money means that it is very important to you. A cheap ring really doesn't mean so much.

So why not display to the world the seriousness of your promise by the wearing of a diamond promise ring? There's no better way to make a commitment to each other until the time is right.

Find out more about Diamond Promise Rings as well as many other types of Diamond Rings including Diamond Engagement Rings at Peter's website Delectable Diamond Rings.

c 2005 Peter Leigh

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Promise Rings - Choosing the Right One

What is a promise Ring? It's a ring worn as proof of a promise. Technically engagement and wedding rings are Promise Rings, but in practise, nowadays, such a ring refers to commitments such as:

My intention is to marry you, but I'm not yet ready to become engaged
I will save my virginity for you
You are my best friend
I will always be there for you
You are my valentine
I promise to abstain from a vice (gambling, drinking, smoking)
I will be faithful to you
I will return to you
I will keep a specific oath to you
I adore the american emo-band 'The Promise Ring'
I will keep your secret

Who buys a Promise Ring? Anyone can buy the ring, but the wearer must agree to the commitment it signifies for it to be valid.

How do you choose the right Promise Ring? There is no 'right' as such. However, it is commonsense to consider design, material and cost in relation to the importance of the promise. A more important commitment should naturally require a more unique design, a more precious stone and more expensive cost.

Many stores and websites offer mass manufactured rings, of simple well-known designs, which are ideal for trivial promises. For more important or personal promises deserve unique handcrafted designed rings which reflect the intent to stick to the promise.

The material for the ring can range from aluminium, through silver plate and silver, to gold. Semi-precious stones, precious stones, even diamond can be included in the ring. If the promise is frivolous and trivial (like to finish your homework today) then even a loop of copper wire might suffice. If the promise is deeper or more important, then more expensive material might be needed. In folklore semi-precious and precious stones are associated with different astrological signs or qualities. For example, Turquoise represents the Sagittarius sign and is reputedly helpful for those who succumb to panic attacks or mania.

Cost is an overall reflection of the design and materials. If you're a millionaire and you have a deep commitment to keep then a uniquely handcrafted gold and diamond ring would be the minimum required for people to believe you are committed to your promise. At the other extreme, if you're a young student with thin finances and an important promise to keep time spent finding a unique handcrafted semi-precious ring would signify the specialness of your promise.

Ultimately the Ring you choose will be symbolic of the promise and the more special that promise, the more expensive or unique a ring is needed.

You can find unique handcrafted and affordable Promise Rings at http://www.promise--rings.com/

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The Promise Ring And Its Meaning

A promise ring is a symbol of commitment, usually given to a man by a woman. It is a special piece of jewelry that is often classed as a mans engagement ring. It symbolises a 'promise' of commitment.

A promise ring can also be exchanged between couples as a pre engagement, or even just as a token gesture between a man and women, For younger people it is an updated version of wearing your boyfriends ring around your neck on a chain, it symbolises being together.

That being said, promise rings are also exchanged between friends, for many years rings have been used to seal promises between close friends or family.

A Promise ring can be worn on any finger depending on the type of ring. If the promise ring is given to a man for friendship then it can be worn on any finger or even the thumb. If the promise ring is to symbolise pre engagement or engagement then it is traditionally worn on the left hand ring finger like a traditional engagement ring.

There are many types of promise rings available, if the ring is to symbolise engagement then it is worth considering a diamond promise ring, you can select other stones to sit along side the diamond also, it is a good idea to look at what colours your partner wears when choosing a mixed stone promise ring, have a look in their wardrobe and select a stone that wont clash with their clothes.

If the promise ring is for a man and will be worn on a daily basis then it is wise to choose durable metal, titanium being one of the most popular.

There is also the option to have the ring engraved with your 'promise' this will make the promise ring unique and more meaningful, this type of ring is extremely romantic and a way to share your heartfelt sentiments with the one you love.

Depending on your budget will effect which type of promise ring you purchase whether it be a diamond promise ring, a gold promise ring, a titanium promise ring or even a silver promise ring, the most important thing to remember is to make clear the promise you are making when giving the ring to someone. There is nothing worse than receiving a ring and assuming it is for engagement when it is in fact just a symbol of your friendship. Enclosing a note to explain what the ring s for should clarify things and avoid embarrassment.

Promise rings are also given to children from parents as promises to refrain from bad virtues such as smoking or drinking or even forming a sexual relationship before marriage.

Some religions also use promise rings to symbolise their faith. These rings are usually worn by followers and the promise ring is a commitment to follow the beliefs and teachings of their religion in everyday life.

Vicki Churchill writes for several sites including Diamond And Sapphire Rings [http://www.finest-diamond-and-sapphire-rings.com] and Diamond Rings [http://www.finest-diamond-rings.com] including what, where & how to buy the perfect Promise Ring.

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Promise Rings Information and Tips

A Promise ring symbolizes a commitment made to your soul mate. Often these things present a way to communicate an understanding between the concerned families that their younglings would soon get married and start a family life of their own.

They go way back to 16th and the 17th century when they had their own significance and were referred to by differing names. For lovers they were known as "scribing rings" and used to signify moments which are believed to be precious in the life of the lovers. Other than the deep and the timeless love, people also used to etch poetry into the window panes or mirror.perhaps inspired by the Shakespearean era.

These things were also known as "poessy rings" or "love poem rings" which had few saying or lines of poems engraved upon them. They had a huge popularity in both France and England around the 17th century.

Promise rings have a special significance to women. Men don't usually wear these things and even if they do they have their own significance. They are even exchanged between girlfriend and boyfriends as symbol of being faithful to each other. Mens promise rings can be worn as friendship rings, pre-engagement rings or just as purity promise rings. These are given by the parents to their children as a promise on the part of the child to not indulge in any sexual relationship of any kind before marriage.

The design of the these for men are made similar to their partner's ring. In that respect these rings are also known as promise pair rings as a symbol of deep love and affection for each other. The finger on which this is worn depends on the type of the ring. When mens rings are exchanged as a token of friendship then you can wear it on any finger, even in the thumb of the right hand. The purity rings and pre engagement rings are frequently worn on the left hand ring finger.

As these are daily usable they should be made of durable material. Mens promise rings come with beautiful inlayed silver, gold and platinum brands and which are quite popular also. A huge number of them are hand painted while few others have an antique touch to them. They also have initials, names or a brief verbal description engraved upon them.

Mens promise rings are trendier these days with all those varieties and fabulous designs. Both handmade and machine cut of these are available. Some of the few designs include Celtic knot ones as well, Turkish puzzle ring, and Greek key style rings. You can also get rings with multigem stones and other precious stones.

Haj Johnson has been writing articles for nearly 4 years. Come visit his latest website over at [http://www.freepromisering.info/] which helps people find the best promise rings [http://www.freepromisering.info/] and information they are looking when searching for a ring.

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Creative Birthstone and Pre-Engagement Promise Rings

With the many options available to create custom promise rings, it is possible to create birthstone and pre-engagement promise rings that are truly memorable. Selecting from birthstone, diamond, gemstone, type of ring, engraving, or symbolism in the ring or ring setting can produce a ring to impress even the most discriminating taste for jewelry.


Birthstone rings are excellent choices for pre-engagement promise rings but you don't need to select a ring with their birthstone only. A ring setting that allows for two or more stones will make a beautiful ring as well. This ring could be set with the birthstones of the couple. If the ring accommodates more stones, it could be set with a combination of the two birthstones, a gemstone in a favorite color or diamonds. A ring could also be designed to have the recipient's birthstone as the center stone and diamonds or the givers birthstone as accents. Like the look of diamonds for the other stones but the budget is limited? Depending on what your budget allows, Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite are two options for substitutes with Moissanite being the more expensive of the two but also more durable.

Engraving is also an excellent option for creating beautiful and meaningful birthstone and pre-engagement promise rings. How this makes a more meaningful ring is obvious. The ring could be engraved with any number of messages including names, dates, a phrase from a favorite song, etc... Most engraving is also available in a variety of fonts allowing the font selection to also be a part of the overall ring design. Also, depending on ring style, the option to engrave on the inside and/or outside may exist.

For engraving ideas for birthstone and pre-engagement promise rings, you could start with what prompted the giving of engraved promise rings. If you have been seeing this person for a while and realize that you love them and want to spend your life with them, you could come up with some messages that come to mind when you think about the moment that you came to this realization. Determine what the significant moments were in your relationship that you feel have brought you to this point. Did your relationship start out with you as best friends and you later discovered that what you felt was actually love? Whatever the message, I am sure you see the potential with engraved rings.

Symbolism of the ring setting itself may be sufficient with or without a birthstone, diamond or other gemstone to create pre-engagement promise rings that you are happy with. This symbolism could be for example hearts, doves, Claddaghs, Cross, Celtic Ring - Trinity Knot or a combination.

When creating your birthstone and pre engagement promise rings, utilizing birthstones along with other gemstones, engraving and/or symbolism in the ring style will allow you to create a ring that is truly special. When you explain how you chose it and what it represents to you, the recipient will surely be impressed.

Velica Galaud

For more information on promise rings and other jewelry visit http://www.lovespromiserings.com.

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Types of Promise Rings

A promise ring is most commonly associated with a man gifting a woman a ring as a promise of marriage in the near future. A good example is a claddagh ring. The ancient Celtic people have used Claddagh rings for centuries as promise rings.

Sometimes though, a promise ring has different uses than what is commonly used. Rather than simply limiting its use to pre-engagement rings, there are a number of other common uses. Basically it all boils down to symbolically representing a promise to oneself or to another party.

These other promises can be:

1. For best or special friends - Between best friends, the rings are given in cases such as when a friend is moving away or as a symbol of their long-lasting friendship. Such rings are a perfect way of indicating a special friendship. Claddagh rings, for example, are given between friends along with the saying "Let love and friendship reign".

2. For chastity - Chastity is another use of a promise ring. While it can be given by a boyfriend or girlfriend to their partner, it is usually given by parents to their child as a reminder to be chaste or pure prior to being married. Another name for such rings are purity rings.

3. For monogamy - Promise rings can also act as a symbol of monogamy for two people who haven't decided on marriage yet. Claddagh rings are exchanged between couples to indicate their commitment to be joined together forever.

Most promise ring are simple mass market rings that don't cost a lot of money. Claddagh rings, though make far better choices as promise rings. It is because of the intricate artwork and the meanings attached to the symbols on the ring. The deep significance of these Celtic rings are well-documented and besides the meanings associated with the metal artwork, there is also the meaning behind the way the rings are worn. Claddagh designs consist of a heart (representing love) and are topped by a crown (representing loyalty) which are both held by two hands (representing friendship). A Claddagh ring, depending on the material used and the manufacturer, can range anywhere from thirty dollars to several hundred or over a thousand dollars.

The fine details contained within a Claddagh ring make them excellent pre-engagement or engagement gifts. As with most cultures, wearing the ring on the left ring finger is an indication that the person is attached. In this case, a Claddagh ring worn with the symbols facing inwards on the left hand indicates that the person is married.

This deep significance in the ring's symbols and the way it is worn has resulted in Celtic jewelry experiencing an upsurge in demand now as more couples are choosing Celtic wedding rings over traditional wedding rings for their wedding ceremony.

Tim O?Malley writes for Shanore.com, a Dublin based Irish Celtic jewelry specialist offering Claddagh rings and other Celtic rings. They offer free FedEx shipping on all their items. Buy authentic Celtic jewelry at Shanore.com today.

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White Gold Promise Rings

A promise ring is a ring that is given as a promise between two people. This promise need not mean a promise that leads to marriage. White gold promise rings can be exchanged as a sign of friendship, a sign of purity in the relationship between two people, or to signify a promise to oneself to abstain from vices until a certain date.

Basically, white gold is an alloy of gold with a mix of nickel, zinc, copper, tin and manganese. Nowadays, white gold jewelry is sometimes even plated with rhodium. The main reason white gold was developed was to imitate platinum during World War II. This was mainly because platinum was then considered a strategic material and was not allowed to be used in non-military applications like jewelry making. White gold is now one of the foremost metals used in the manufacture of jewelry. The advantage of white gold promise rings over gold promise rings is that these rings can have more articulate designs on them since white gold is more malleable than gold; this malleability allows two friends to easily inscribe sweet wordings.

Another advantage of white gold over gold is that it is less expensive than regular gold. It is a form of gold, but at a lower rate. So if money is an important factor while buying a promise ring, it is better to go for the white gold promise rings as they are less expensive, but are still a proud member of the gold metal family!

Promise Rings provides detailed information on Promise Rings, Diamond Promise Rings, Meaning Of Promise Rings, Titanium Promise Rings and more. Promise Rings is affiliated with Best Prom Dress.

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Promise Rings And Their Popular Stores

A warm welcome to all those who are visiting this website. Here, a customer will find all kinds of information regarding Promise rings. What is it? These rings are widely famous because they are known to be a substitute for their very expensive counterpart, diamond rings. The rigs are worn to symbolize the promise that one makes to another and hence they are known as promise rings.

They could be engagement rings or even pre engagement rings. They could also be worn as purity rings. These rings can be found for ever budget. You can either choose to give someone a pure diamond ring or you can give them a ring with cubic zirconia in it. After all the ring is only meant to symbolize the promise made to one another. When it comes to choosing the metal too you have options. You can choose from white gold, yellow gold or even silver. Some stores even offer you platinum rings but the gold and silver are most economic.

It symbolizes the commitment that one partner makes to the other. A token of their love and a deep affection for one another. Back in the days when trust used to be the pivot for every relationship, nowadays with the changing mindset of the people and also the ever-changing attitudes, these rings provide an ideal medium to show commitment to your partner.

Promise rings are not only used by couples but also by friends and children. It may symbolize many things. A promise made to someone, for sealing a vow, making a wish or for just celebrating the bond of friendship. One more interesting reason why a person would wear a promise ring, especially the children, is as a token of a promise made to their parents that they would not indulge in any sexual relationship before marriage. In this regards, it is also known as a purity ring

It's not gender-specific. Men and women both wear these rings to show life-long commitment to one another as they live in sickness and health till the inevitable death separates them forever, though it is most commonly presented by men to their women. When couples use these rings they are known as pre-engagement rings.

Generally, a promise ring is worn on the left ring finger, which is the third finger on your left hand. An exception is made in case of friends so that people don't mistake them to be in a physical relationship.

Because these rings may symbolize many things, so it is advisable to mention the reason why you are giving the promise ring to someone you intend to be it to a life partner, a friend, or to your children (if you want a promise from your child as a parent). Things may get confusing here.

Promise rings have special meaning to them. It's almost time immemorial since we find people associating a rich significance to the type of stones used in these rings. For instance, many people believe that every gemstone represents a birth date. If one wears the gemstone of his/her birthdate, he/she would definitely find happiness and prosperity.

Walmart provides a pretty good range of personalized promise rings for every occasion and purpose. It also provides custom-made promise rings depending on your taste and budget. Other popular stores include Robbins Brothers, Jared, and so on. They all give an assortment of different shapes and sizes of these rings depending on the customer's taste, budget, and requirement.

Hal Johnson has been writing articles for nearly 4 years. Come visit his latest website Promise Rings which helps people find information on Promise Rings and deals on all other types of rings.

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Promise Rings Jewelry - Friendship Rings As Romantic Gifts

Promise rings are items of jewelry offered as gifts and are commonly exchanged between young people as a sign of their commitment to each other. They are also known as friendship or pre-engagement rings. The custom is known to date back to at least the 16th century and is becoming increasingly popular in this century.

The ring is not required to be worn on any particular finger but if it is an indication of pre-engagement - the couple are 'promised' to each other - it will often be worn on the left hand, especially on the ring finger. However, it often happens that the middle finger on the left hand or the ring finger on the right hand is preferred so it will not be confused with an engagement ring.

If the couple have agreed to marry but are not yet ready for an engagement, the ring is called a 'promise ring' and it is referred to as a 'friendship ring' when no promise has been made. It indicates commitment between the two. On the other hand, an engagement ring is usually far more valuable and may be a cost burden the couple prefer to avoid until they can better afford it.

The giving of promise rings by a woman to a man became increasingly popular during the 20th century, and since, to indicate his commitment. This was often a surprise gift for the man and he was able to show his acceptance by wearing it, or decline to do so.

The practice of giving promise rings was started among younger couples who were financially not in a position to consider a full-time relationship, with marriage and children. However, in more recent times, the custom has developed and is now common regardless of the social status and wealth of those involved.

Since the turn of the century, the popularity of these gifts has continued to increase and the rings are offered even among those who are still at high school. As well, the practice is widespread among college students and those who have recently graduated.

The rings can be of any design but often will include a heart which has symbolically been given to another. This is not a firm requirement and there are many styles to choose from, some being very simple and others involving gemstones and precious metals. However, the cost is usually fairly small and the appearance is not intended to be mistaken for an engagement ring.

There is another ring that has long traditions and a similar purpose: this is the 'Claddagh Ring', which has its origins in Ireland. It usually has a design which consists of two hands surrounding a heart and a crown above. How this ring is worn indicates whether the wearer is available for a romantic attachment, or not. If it is worn on the right hand and the heart faces away, the wearer is not romantically involved. If it faces inwards, their heart is not available, having been taken by another.

Modern dating couples have adapted a number of traditional signs to indicate to others - and to each other - the nature of their commitment. Promise and friendship rings are tangible symbols of the level of commitment that those in a relationship have declared for each other.

See a display and get further details about Promise Rings, customer comments and special offers here: Promise Rings Jewelry and also from here: Friendship Rings

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Titanium Promise Rings

The system of promise rings may seem to be something that has been started in modern times. However, mythology and history has proven that promise rings have been around for quite some time. Promise rings are given for variety reasons and are given as a sign that the giver and the wearer share a promise with one another. Titanium promise rings are given to signify a strong friendship, to demonstrate purity by abstinence from sex until the right time, to represent religious beliefs of a particular group and to be replaced by engagement and marriage rings in the future. To prevent confusion, it is always better to clarify the meaning of the titanium promise ring before its exchange.

Promise rings are less formal than wedding and engagement rings and are usually less expensive. Titanium promise rings are more reasonably priced than gold and silver promise rings. Titanium is a metal that was accidentally discovered in 1791. It is used in making aircraft, golf clubs, watches and rings. It is the strength and durability of titanium that makes it a wise choice as a promise ring. A titanium promise ring retains its shape and is hardly scratched or broken. Moreover, its strength proves the very point that the giver and wearer are committed to each other. To make this point stronger, most sellers also engrave titanium promise rings with messages of the buyer's choosing. An advantage of titanium promise rings is that they are biocompatible with human skin and don't cause irritations like rashes; additionally they do not rust, corrode or lose their color.

Titanium promise rings have fast become a unique alternative to traditional gold wedding rings. Men also buy titanium promise rings, as they look more masculine than most jewelry and are available in colors like black.

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Diamond Promise Rings for Every Budget

Diamond Promise Rings come in a variety of styles and prices. With styles ranging from solitaire, diamond centered hearts, diamond love knot, multi diamond designs as well as diamond and gemstone combinations, there are several options for expressing your unique message of love. The variety of metal choices including gold and sterling silver allow for some selections at very economical prices. Designs range from styles that can serve as both diamond engagement rings and pre-engagement diamond promise rings as well as distinctive ring designs.

The design of the diamond promise ring can be used to convey the permanence or longevity of the commitment you are giving the ring to symbolize. The diamonds themselves are considered to represent permanence, eternity or forever. A solitaire diamond has, for a long time, been associated with engagement rings and a coming wedding. In similar fashion, small diamond solitaire promise rings can be representative of a pre engagement. A knot design is frequently used to represent an unending love and commitment in love knots. This meaning is incorporated in diamond knot promise rings or pre engagement rings. Another design option using diamonds to convey pre engagement, friendship or other commitments include diamond band rings which can have multiple diamonds and are also well suited for purchasing as matching diamond promise rings. A flower or floral design can be representative of new, blossoming and ever growing love. Floral or flower design diamond or diamond cluster rings convey this beautifully. The many different designs can be selected to give more symbolic meaning but this is by no means a requirement. Simply choosing a beautiful design that the recipient likes is meaningful enough.

Diamond promise rings can be found in a variety of metals. Factors influencing metal selection can include, metal color preference, allergies, cost and durability. Someone who is allergic to white gold may do better with yellow gold or, if they don't like yellow, with platinum or sterling silver. Titanium would be another option for them keeping in mind that this metal is darker than white gold and sterling silver. If the person prefers yellow or white gold then the choice is easy, you only need to select a ring in the gold they like in the purity you want. Sterling silver is an economical choice for someone who likes white metals when gold is not in the budget and if they don't mind the darker metal, titanium is another. Titanium tops the list for durability but you need to be sure of size. Platinum, gold and sterling silver are softer, more sizable metals. Being softer and therefore easier to work with to create designs makes these metals available in many more styles. If you take into consideration the factors above, you should have no trouble selecting a diamond ring in a metal that they will be happy with.

Whether you choose all diamonds or diamond and gemstone diamond promise rings, consider the design and metal to make sure you purchase a ring for your special someone that they will truly love. Knowing you put thought into your selection will help convey the everlasting love that you feel for them.

By Velica Galaud

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How to Pick a Promise Ring For Your Special Someone

Promise rings, unknown to most of us, can actually be expensive especially if one really wants to impress his or her special someone. Some even go for as much as the equivalent of the real thing which are engagement rings. Aside from this factor, it is really important to give importance when trying to give a promise ring to that special person. That is why it is best to consider all the available and best options when buying this token of love and promise for someone. It is, after all, a very special step being taken for a very special relationship.

No pressure in that one, right? Well, not exactly. But like all things, there are some very simple guidelines that should be kept in mind and followed to make the whole experience a little easier.

First thing to consider is the size of the rings. Before buying that promise ring for your special someone, you will have to know what ring size is required require. There are different ways of finding out. If it is going to be a surprise, one neat trick is to find a ring that the person you are going to give the ring to wear on the third finger. You can either take that ring to the jeweler who can say what size it is, or you can accurately measure the diameter of the ring and look up the size on a ring size chart. Another way is to put the ring on your finger and mark the position on your finger where the ring comes to with a line. Then, you can use a ring sizer to find the correct size. Ring sizers are usually available on most jewelry shops.

After finding out the size of the ring you are going to buy, the next thing to consider is the ring itself. Designs of promise rings available in the market today varies so much that you might have a hard time choosing one. The best advice we can give you is to go the simple route. Find a ring that is simple yet elegant that you think can be worn by your partner proudly. Don't pick something that is too extravagant, but don't be too much of a cheapskate. Another good advice when picking a ring design is by thinking about what style of jewelry your partner normally wears. Knowing this will give you a better understanding on what type of ring to buy. When buying a promise ring, you should also think about how the ting will age, in terms of design. Always go for the classic design as it will be in fashion longer rather than getting one with a contemporary design that might not look so good in the near future. Giving your special someone a timeless piece will also give them a sense of feeling that your relationship is also timeless and will be forever.

But the most important thing to consider when purchasing jewelry as gift, including promise ring for your special someone is your budget. Just like with other merchandise, make a budget and a spending limit as to avoid overspending, or worse, getting ripped off. Though most of the time, promise rings are a bit expensive, there are still instances that you'll get a bargain in some jewelry stores. Try looking for a sale on malls and other jewelry outlets. Also, try going to a known dealer or your very own jeweler, if you have one, to be able to get a better deal.

When you have an idea of what you like, take advantage of the expertise that is available out there. Try asking people who knows about jewelry to be able to help you decide to go for it or make some adjustment with your choice. Just make sure that the advice is from a reputable source. Jewelers are almost always happy to help you, you just have to know who to ask.

Though these tips and guidelines can truly help you when doing that next big step into your relationship, always remember that what is really important is how you feel for each other. Promise rings are definitely a good way to show that you care, being able to really show your love is what really matters in a relationship. Try enjoying every second of it and be in it together every step of the way. Giving a promise ring to your special someone is just one way of saying that you love them and that you want to be with them for the rest of your life.

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Promise Rings: A Perfect Gift for Making Promises

The connotation of promise rings may not be known to all. As the name suggests, promise rings are presented as a symbol of a promise or commitment made to the other person. It is not always necessary that this ring eventually leads to engagement or matrimony. There are several occasions on which you can use such a ring, one of the most common being the promise of marriage. Just as promise rings, charm bracelets and gold pendants are also popularly used for a variety of reasons. A charm bracelet is supposed to serve a specific purpose of bringing good things in the life of the wearer or protect the wearer from negative forces. On the other hand, a gold pendant is a popular piece of jewelry chosen for all kinds of special occasions such as engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and so on.

In case of a marriage, the engagement ring eventually replaces this ring and then the engagement ring is replaced by the wedding ring. Apart from the promise of weddings and engagements, promise rings are also used between two people to remain true to their commitment such as religious promises, promise to stay faithful towards your partner, promise to keep away from drinking or smoking habits, promise to remain friends forever, promise to stay pure and virgin till marriage, etc.

The finger on which a promise ring is worn depends completely on the discretion of the persons between whom the promise is being made. However, there are certain trends of wearing promise that are followed widely. Moreover, the finger that holds the ring also explains the type and meaning of the promise to a great extent. For example, promise rings worn on the ring finger of the left hand denote commitment of love and romantic relation. If worn on the right hand, promise rings may reflect the single status of the wearer or a promise of friendship. The face of the ring stone also means a lot of things. While a ring on the right hand with the face turned outside means that the person is not committed to anyone, the face turned inward means that the person is in a committed relationship.

The origin of promise rings dates back to thousands of years ago, when the circle of the rings were supposed to reflect eternity of the promise. In earlier days, romantic words or phrases were scribbled on stones, glass, or mirror through the diamonds placed in the promise rings. In the age of Shakespeare, people used to inscribe poetic words and phrases on the rings to show love and commitment towards each other.

The gift of promise rings will depend on the kind of relationship you are having with the person along with the budget you have considered in your mind. It can be a unique and expensive diamond ring, or a gold ring, or a simple plain band. It does not really matter how expensive the ring is but it should reflect the promise made between the two of you. You can do this inscribing the ring with different things such as a code message shared only by you two, a meaningful phrase or some words, or the initials of your names. The style of the ring should be liked by both of you, especially by your partner if she is a woman.

The popularity of charm bracelets and gold pendants as gifts are also quite high. Both these gifts make very good accessories for women and are thus, so popular as gifts on a variety of occasions. Gold and silver charm bracelets with or without charms attached are available in the market. The gold or the silver can be again associated with some precious metal. If you want your charm to be exclusively personal, you can buy and attach your own charm to the bracelets. Charm bracelets or gold pendants, given thoughtfully, can really make the receiver happy and can last for a lifetime. The prices of these bracelets vary widely as per the metal you choose.

When it comes to presenting gold pendants, the choice of the gold is very important. Always check the reputation of the store to get the right quality and ask for a certificate of authenticity. The type of the gold you select for the present is also important and must be something your beloved or friend likes. Most importantly, the design of the jewelry will go miles to reflect your bond or represent your feelings towards the receiver. So, be it promise rings, or charm bracelets, or gold pendants, make sure it matches the personality of the wearer and yet be unique to be treasured forever.

Be it unique promise rings, lucky charm bracelets, or beautiful gold pendants, heavenlytreasures.com is the perfect store to shop for the perfect gift for your beloved.

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Promise Rings

A promise ring is a ring given as a gift that symbolizes a promise or commitment, though the actual meaning can be unique between the person giving and the person receiving the gift. Traditionally, a man gives a promise ring to a woman, though it is not unheard of for a woman to be the one to give a promise ring to a man. Though promise rings can take on different meanings for different couples, they traditionally stand for a commitment to each other, often a commitment that the couple will one day become engaged and eventually married. A promise ring is customarily given to a woman by her boyfriend when the two are in a serious relationship but are either too young or not ready for engagement, but have the intention of getting married someday. However, promise rings can symbolize other promises, such as a promise to be faithful, a promise to avoid certain behaviors, or a promise to be there for the other person. A gift of a promise ring should typically be accompanied by an expression of what the ring symbolizes to a couple.

So, what should you look for if you are considering giving the gift of a promise ring? This depends largely on your relationship, budget and style. A man giving a promise ring to a woman to represent a promise to upgrade to an engagement ring when his finances allow is not uncommon. A promise ring may be an elaborate diamond ring or may be extremely simple, though avoiding a plain band that can be mistaken for a wedding band is a good rule of thumb. The important part is that you make the gift a meaningful and personal gesture to the recipient. What does this mean? In a literal sense, you may get the ring engraved with the initials of the recipient, both of your initials, or a private message that symbolizes the meaning of the ring. Even if you do not opt for the engraving, try to choose a promise ring that fits with your partner's style. For instance, if you are a man giving a ring to a woman, take notice of the jewelry of her own she usually wears, as woman sometimes have particular preferences. If she always wears silver jewelry, a gold ring would probably not be the best option, and vice versa. Most importantly, make sure to clearly convey what the ring represents upon giving it, to avoid a misunderstanding or unwarranted expectations from your partner.

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What's the Deal With Promise Rings?

As a connoisseur and someone who is fascinated by the many different forms of jewelry, I am always trying to keep up to date with all the current trends and I must say that I'm hearing more and more about promise rings as of late. Of course I've heard of them before, but they seem to be a trend on the upswing. Therefore, I must investigate further to find out -- what exactly is a promise ring?

The technical definition of a promise ring is, "a ring that is indicative of a promise made to oneself or another," and is not to be taken lightly. This type of ring may be given to a romantic partner to signify a serious commitment without actually getting married, or it is exchanged by lovers who eventually intend to get married. This may be because they are not currently able to do so due to age or circumstance. As custom goes, the female is given the promise ring from the male. Traditionally, students would use their class ring as a promise ring, although this is becoming decreasingly common.

Although it may seem that promise rings are just for significant others, this is not the case. They may also be exchanged between best friends to signify loyalty, or they can be given to oneself as a reminder of a personal promise. Basically, a promise ring is indicative of a vow to oneself or another.

Here is a list of some of the basic meanings:

"I will be faithful to you"
"I will return to you"
"I will keep you in my heart always"
"I intend to marry you one day"
"We are best friends"
"I will always be there for you"
"I love you"
"I will remain abstinent until we are married"
"I will not dishonor you nor myself"

Promise rings come in a wide variety of forms, including simple bands, gemstone promise rings, diamond promise rings, poesy rings, purity rings, sterling silver, white gold, stackable promise rings, Turkish promise rings, and yellow gold promise rings.

Alexandra is the Head of Marketing and Sales for Mademoiselle Jewelry - a company that was founded on the principal that jewelry is art. Mademoiselle Jewelry specializes in unique jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, and designer jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is hand selected for quality, uniqueness, and creativity. Mademoiselle Jewelry also carries jewelry lines specifically designed for men and children.

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Why Promise Rings Are Back in Style

Experts in the field of jewelry feel that promise rings or couples rings are becoming more popular in recent years for a number of reasons:

1. Economy: Promise rings are a lot less expensive than engagement rings and gives substantial significance to the relationship without breaking the bank.

2. Precious Metal prices Are High: In recent months, gold and silver prices have hit record breaking highs. Engagement rings are known to be twice the weight of couples rings which leads to a higher cost.

3. Diamond Price hit a recent high: According to Diamond analysts- Diamond prices have shot up 30% from the beginning of 2011. Couples rings generally have lower graded stones or Cubic Zirconia which keeps the prices low.

4. War: Soldiers want to give their partner a promise that when they return from war, they'll be there coming back for them. This is the perfect way for partners to keep their soldier with them while they are away.

5. Gay Marriages: In 2011 some larger states such as NY have legalized Gay Marriages driving up the demand for "commitment jewelry". Couples Rings have been a huge success in the Gay community due to the constraint of saying their vows and now will be even larger due to the passing of the laws.

Who's wearing them: In a recent study it seems the age group for exchanging promise rings are anywhere from 15-25 and are normally given after a year of being in a monogamous relationship. Back in the 1960's- 1980's, there was a tradition of boyfriends giving girlfriends their "Pin" which was given in honor of their school achievements. The act of "Pinning" their girlfriends was a symbol to represent "I promise to be with your forever". Today when couples exchange couples rings, it represents the same idea.

Promise rings are not only for females. Males are now wearing them for the same reasons women wear them. To make a promise that one day they will get married. Men's promise rings are less popular than women's but have become more popular as of late for the same reasons women's did. The Men's rings resemble wedding bands and come in a variety of styles and metal choices. Some have diamonds and others are plain and simple. They also come in a variety of metals such as 18k Gold, 14K Gold, 10K Gold, Sterling Silver, Tungsten, and even Stainless Steel. Promise ring's for females come in metals 18k Gold, 14K Gold, 10K Gold, Sterling Silver, Tungsten, and even Stainless Steel as well. Generally the Solid Gold Promise Rings have genuine diamonds, but in recent years they've been set with lesser quality stones such as Cubic Zirconia. The visual effect is the same. Mostly all of the Sterling Silver Promise rings for women are set in Cubic Zirconia or even birthstones.

With recent technology, personalizing a promise ring has been a great success. Online retailers are offering these rings with messages engraved on the inside which really makes the gift more thoughtful, such as: "I Promise Me Forever", " Together Forever", " I Love You For Eternity", "This I Promise You". They're even offered with your own customized engravings where you are able to engrave your own message on the inside. We've seen things such as a simple "I Love You" or "Together Forever - 6-12-11". To get even more personalized we've seen a new line of Photo Promise Rings where the couples actual photo can be lasered in high resolution on the outside of the ring. For those who would prefer not to have a photo on the outside, they also offer a number of locket rings where the couples picture can be lasered on the inside.

If you're interested in Promise Rings visit PicturesOnGold.com. They are the only ones to personalize the inside of the rings and have prices starting at $44.95. Use promo code SHIP2011 for free shipping.

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Promise Rings To Impress That Special Someone

Are you looking to impress that special someone? There are many ways of going about this. Many people look to the older ways of impressing the person they like and love. This may include using chocolates and flowers and things of this sort. Now this is not a bad way of going about it.

But if you are looking to show your love in a more meaningful way that is really going to stick out to her than you may want to think outside of the box. One of the newer ways how people are doing this is by using promise rings.

Promise rings are a great way show the love for that special someone. They look beyond the typical chocolates and say, "I love you, let me prove it to you". With a promise ring you make a promise to be with that person. These rings, as is there name, made for making a special promise.

The promise can mean many different things. If it is between the one that you love then it is usually a promise to stay faithful to one another. That you two will not date others or be with any other person. These rings are a material representation of a promise to always be with each other.

If, however, these rings are given to other people then they can mean other things entirely. For example, if they are given from a mother to a son then it can be more of a purity ring. Purity rings differ greatly from promise rings. In this case a purity ring would be a vow to remain sexually pure before marriage. This means that you will refrain from sexual intercourse before marriage.

These are more common of gifts between parents and their children and not so much between two lovers. These rings are becoming more and more popular in our time. With famous artists such as the Jonas Brothers using them, more and more people also want to learn more.

The great thing about all of this is that these rings can be considerably cheap to buy. You can get promise rings for some very good prices if you look in the right places. You can also get even more beautiful rings if you shop at some special locations such as Tiffanys, Jared, or at Kay Jewelers.

At places such as these and many other locations of course, you will find a wide variety of rings to choose from. Some of these rings may include, engraved promise rings, matching promise rings, diamond promise rings, and all kinds of mens promise rings. If one thing is for sure, there is no limit to the amount of variety to choose from.

This is especially true if you are looking on the internet. There has been an increasingly large amount of people searching on the internet these days. This has become a very good way to find what you are looking for without leaving your seat. Consider this when you are trying to find the right ring for her or him.

If you follow the steps presented here then you will definitely get the right ring for that special person. Like we said before, you are definitely able to get that special someone a gift that will make them very pleased with you when you go for promise rings.

Think outside the box and show him or her that you are willing to make a commitment to stay with that person. This will prove your love much more than any box of chocolates will ever do. Make the right decision. Do this and you will be glad that you did.

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The Meaning of Promise Rings

A promise ring, sometimes called a couple's ring, is a gift that binds the wearer to her promise, and reminds her of the promise of the giver. Such a ring can be indicative of love, commitment, chastity, or even abstinence from substances. Usually given from man to woman, or from parent to child, a promise ring is a meaningful talisman that gives a promise permanent substance, when words can't suffice.

One occasion for giving a promise ring is a commitment to a relationship. Young couples who may not be ready for marriage can seal their future plans with a promise ring worn on the girl's left ring finger. If they remain together the ring serves as a constant reminder of their promise, and if they must be apart because of college or career, the ring reminds the young lady of her absent partner, while letting others know that her heart is taken.

A ring between couples could mean:

- I will return to you

- I will someday marry you

- I will be faithful to you

- I will remain abstinent until we marry

Another instance where a promise ring may be given is between a parent and child. When a young woman is out on her own, she can be protected from poor choices by a reminder of those at home who care about her, and of any specific promise she has made to her parents, or that they have made to her.

A ring from parent to child could mean:

- I will keep you in my heart

- I will always be there for you

- I will remain pure and chaste

- I will not abuse substances

Promise rings can also be exchanged between friends to symbolize the permanence of the friendship, but in this case both parties exchange rings, and the rings are not usually worn on the ring finger (as not to be confused with a ring that denotes a romantic relationship).

It is not common for men to receive promise rings, just as they do not receive engagement rings. If you are considering a promise ring for a man who likes jewelry, consider a very plain, small ring, without stones. An engraving inside stating the promise the ring represents would be a personal touch, without making the ring too flashy.

It is important to clarify the meaning of a promise ring or couple's ring that you present as a gift. A card attached to the box, to be read beforehand could explain your feelings about the ring. Or, a spoken explanation and announcement of your promise could go over even better. The most important thing is that the recipient knows exactly what the ring means to you, so that there is no misunderstanding about that meaning.

A promise ring is an excellent gift for someone you know you want to share a permanent bond with, even if you don't quite know what the future holds for you both.

Find out more about promise rings and couple's rings and see a large selection of personalized rings at Limoges Jewelry.

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Promise Rings: Learn the Principles Behind the Gifting

Promises are supposed to be kept. People have been exposed to the teaching about not making any promise unless you intend to keep it. Promise rings are commonly given by lovers to each other as pre-engagement rings. They are tangible symbols of deeper significance, love, adoration and affection. Giving a promise ring to one another is a step forward to firm up a solid commitment to a long lasting friendship and true love relationship. In many cultures such as the ancient Celtic people, lovers have used various styles and designs of Claddagh rings. Other cultures picked up this tradition and kept it alive up to the present century.

However, there are also some which symbolize commitments made by two people to each other not related to engagement and marriage. They can be for promises of monogamy, chastity, abstinence, loyalty and best friends forever, etc. If you are the creative person, you can imagine and conceptualize your own type or model of a promise ring. Any noble venture or partnership can be solidified with a ring of loyalty, trust, fidelity and transparency.

The principles behind the gift of promise rings are love, truthfulness, honesty and determination. Love is what it is all about. You have to be truthful to your promise to fulfill what you have committed. Both of you have to be honest with each other when you violate any of the terms and conditions and ask for forgiveness. Each one must be determined to go back to the time you gave the promise and to overcome all kind of trials. There is also the ring you give to yourself alone that deals with celibacy, abstinence, cursing, etc.

With respect to the motif, designs and features of promise rings, they come in a wide range and options like engraved, personalized and white gold. Engraved rings are the trend because of the flowery, romantic and sentimental quotes. You can engrave a short verse or statement of feelings and emotions that comes direct from your heart. It requires some kind of creative imagination and verbiage to compose an original quote. Doing this approach is a firm expression of the way you feel towards the person you are giving the engraved ring. If you lack this talent, there are other acceptable ways of going about it. You can search for quotes by celebrities and famous people or from the Holy Scriptures.

Personalized promise rings can be made of material such as white gold, yellow gold, palladium, platinum or titanium. There are limitless collections of outstanding designs of these kinds of rings out there. You just view them and get the feeling of smoothness and classiness when you touch the rings. You can opt to add your taste and preference of diamond stones, pearls and other gemstones. These precious stones are also made from different shapes and cuts. It all boils down to how much you are willing to spend for your special personalized ring.

White gold is a popular and precious metal. It is well known all over the world. When you order a promise ring made from this metal, you are bound to experience a unique kind of feeling and pride. Some element of status symbol is being projected when it comes to white gold jewelry. Whether you have the budget or not to add sparkling diamonds and other precious gemstones to your promise white gold ring does not matter. Just make sure you keep the promise permanently attached to it.

The act of gifting each other with a promise ring has a range of inner depth which is indescribable. Its real significance is beyond words and the metal object. The promise rings are merely shadows of the real thing. The real truth behind the act is the motivation and the commitment to stand by your promise come hell or high water. Promise rings are marks of your character, personality and integrity. The moral is don't dare to give this gift to yourself or to each other if you have a lukewarm heart. The heart must be full of compassion and passion when you contemplate in giving promise rings.

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A Brief History of Promise Rings

Promise or pre-engagement rings may seem like an invention of the modern jewelry biz. In fact, they have been around since the 16th century, when they would be exchanged by couples too young or poor to wed. Read on to find out more about this fascinating and ever-changing romantic tradition.

While rings had always been used to signify commitment - there are Biblical references to the religious rings of the devout, it was in the 15th and 16th century that sweethearts began exchanging rings to communicate and solidify their love.

There were several different kinds of pre-engagement rings during this period. In 16th century England, lovers exchanged scribbling rings, which were inlaid with uncut diamonds or crystals. The wearer would use the sharp points of the diamonds to etch their beloved's names or vows into window glass.

During Shakespeare's time, poesy rings were popular among young couples. Each band was engraved with romantic sayings such as "vous et nul autre" (you and no other) or "a ma vie de coer entire" (my whole heart for my whole life), binding the lover's words to the beloved's body.

19th century

In 19th century Europe, pre-engagement rings reflected the optimism and romanticism of the era. They also were more ornamental than their predecessors, reflecting both the growing availability of semi-precious stones and the new influx of wealth into the middle classes.

Regards rings were frequently used as engagement rings, but non-engaged couples and even friends exchanged them as well. Regards rings featured a series of semi-precious stones, the first letter of which spelled out "regards": emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby, diamond, sapphire.

Other variations included the spelling of the beloved's name, the word "love" (lapis lazuli, opal, vermarine, emerald), and the word "dearest" (diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz).


It's not surprising in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, promise rings are again popular.

In a time where courtship - the period of dating - is longer than ever, couples can get frustrated with the lack of ritual and progression. The exchange of rings is a way for a couple to commemorate a transition in their relationship without the greater pressures of engagement.

While most couples exchange promise rings as a way of expressing their intention to eventually marry, the tradition is open to interpretation. For some, a promise ring might signify a decision to remain abstinent before marriage or engagement. These rings are also sometimes referred to as "purity" rings. Other couples exchange promise rings when they decide to live together before getting married, to mark the transition to a co-habiting couple.

There is also variation in how promise rings are worn. While many women wear their rings on their left hand ring fingers, like an engagement ring, it is also popular to sport a promise ring on the ring finger of the right hand, to avoid confusion. While modern promise rings are overwhelmingly given to women by their male partners, men can - and do - wear promise rings too! A small but rising subset of couples purchase "pair" promise rings that match, similar to wedding bands. Popular styles for modern rings include sterling silver, three small diamonds, and heart shaped stone designs.

Thinking of getting your own beloved a promise ring? Think out of the box! Unlike engagement rings, which are commonly diamond, a promise ring can be anything you can imagine. In fact, if you are planning to invest in a diamond engagement ring later on, you may prefer to get a promise ring with a different kind of stone, setting, or style.

One tradition we like: birthstones, which men often gave to their intended brides in the Victorian era (Prince Albert surprised Queen Victoria herself with an emerald snake ring!). Promising your commitment with a birthstone ring makes a personal statement that she's sure to cherish no matter how many years pass - and how many more rings you give her.

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Significance of Promise Rings

You are in a relationship, and you want to do something special. Why not get a promise ring? There are many types of rings out there but the most common one is a promise ring. These rings signify that you promise to one day get engaged and get a better, more expensive ring. However, that does not need to be the only reason to purchase this ring.

A promise ring in essence is a ring to symbolize that you are making a promise to the other person. Both men and women can give these rings, and they can mean many different things. Like you promise to keep yourself for that special someone, you promise to give up a bad habit, i.e. drinking, smoking or gambling; or a promise to always love someone: a friend or family member. A promise ring can be given for any type of commitment you can think of, imagination and integrity is the key.

When looking for a promise ring you must know what pledge you are making, if it is a promise to one day get engaged then you should look into a small diamond ring. Helzberg has many available under $200. These rings have very small diamonds and are fairly cheap. But you do not need to have a diamond on the ring; you can use any kind of gem. Go into a jeweler and talk to them about what you are looking for, they would be able to direct you better. Keep in mind the promise you are making and find a ring that you feel represents your promise.

Promise rings are a great and wonderful gift, but you need to make sure you know exactly what obligations you are undertaking. These rings obligate you to your commitment. If you give this ring to someone, they expect you to never break that promise. These rings are not to be taken lightly.

You must also make sure the person receiving the ring understands clearly what promise you are making, so there is no misunderstanding. A misunderstanding about a promise ring is a very bad thing. You want to find one that represents your vow and enjoy the moment when you give it to someone.

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A Promise Ring- More Than Just a Pre-Engagement Ring

When one thinks of a promise ring it is common to think of a small, inexpensive ring given to a woman as a promise of marriage in the future; however, this is not always the case. A promise ring has several other purposes besides being a pre-engagement ring. A promise ring can be given or used for any sign of commitment. The following are some other common uses for a promise ring.

A Non-Romantic Promise Between Friends

A promise ring can be given as a sign of a promise between two friends. Such a ring can be given to a special friend, to a friend who is moving far away, or even to a friend who you will not see for awhile. A friendship promise ring is very common with young girls who get matching rings that say "best friends forever." A promise ring between two friends is a way of showing that a certain friendship is something very special to you.

A Promise of To Be Chaste

Also called a purity ring, this type of promise ring is worn as a reminder to be chaste. This can be given by a boyfriend or a girlfriend but is also frequently given by parents to a child. It is meant to keep one sexually pure until true love and marriage is found. This type of promise ring is a constant reminder to the wearer to remain abstinent until marriage.

A Promise of Substance Abstinence

A promise ring can also be used by those who are looking to stay free from alcohol or other harmful substances. This ring can be given to oneself or by someone else as a constant reminder to stay free from drugs and other substances that are harmful to the body.

A Promise to Remain Free of an Addiction

While a promise ring can be a promise to remain free from a drug addiction, it can also be a promise to remain free from other additions as well. This would include addictions such as gambling or pornography. It can also be a promise not to take an activity into access such as eating or even video games.

A Promise of Monogamy

When a couple does not to get civilly married they often wear promise rings as a symbol of their commitment to each other. These promise rings have a very strong meaning to the couple and is a way of them expressing their desire to be joined with that person forever.

A Promise of Silence

In ancient times, a ring would be given as a symbol of silence. It was used as a remembrance of the importance of keeping a particular secret. On occasion, a curse was engraved on the inside of what would occur if the secret was revealed.

A Promise of Spiritual Commitment

In the days of old it was common for prominent church leaders to wear a ring as a symbol of their commitment to the church. Even today many faiths wear rings as a reminder of their spiritual commitment.

A promise ring is not limited for the use of a pre-engagement ring, but can represent a promise between non-romantic friends, a promise to be chaste, a promise of substance abstinence, a promise to remain free from an addiction, a promise of monogamy, silence, spiritual commitment, and much more. One should not keep such a limited view of the promise ring as just being a pre-engagement ring, but see the potential of its other purposes as well. As seen, a promise can symbolize any promise that is made between to individuals or even a promise made to oneself. A promise ring is simply a physical sign of a commitment.

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The Ins and Outs of Promise Rings

What is a promise ring, you may ask? It is a special ring which comes before an engagement ring, and it promises that the giver and recipient are pledged to one another, even though they are not yet formally engaged. Read more about the ins and outs of this old custom, and learn whether a promise ring might be right for you.

An engagement is a very serious commitment, and at times may be too official a step for a young couple to make. Yet, at the same time, if a man and woman are in a very serious relationship which both intend will one day lead to marriage, just being boyfriend and girlfriend may not seem like enough. Enter the promise ring, also sometimes referred to as a pre-engagement ring. The purpose of this ring is to be less of a commitment than an official piece of wedding jewelry like the engagement ring, but a serious pledge and a promise that the relationship is headed down the path to engagement at some point in the future.

There are many situations in which a promise ring might be in order. It can be a wonderful way for a very young couple to show that they are serious about their relationship, without becoming officially engaged if they feel that they are too young to get married. They are popular among people who travel extensively for work, as in the case of military deployments or in the case of a long separation caused by one half of the couple moving away to attend college. The pain of an extended separation might be eased considerably by the love and commitment implied by the ring.

It is traditionally only the woman who wears a promise ring, although there is no reason why the man could not have one as well. As for the ring itself, it is generally more simple than an engagement ring. A decorative band would be very appropriate for a pre-engagement ring. If the man has a special class ring, he might have it sized down to fit his girlfriend, or have a more petite replica made for her to wear. It can really be any style of ring which appeals to both people, although it is common to make an effort to select a ring which does not look too much like an engagement ring.

The promise ring is generally worn on the ring finger of the left hand until such time as it is replaced by an official engagement ring. Although it is nice if the style of the ring is compatible with the rest of the wedding jewelry which follows, one would not typically wear the promise ring and engagement ring together on the same finger. For one thing, it would look too much like you were already married, and for another, it is fun to show off the engagement ring all on its own. Typically, the promise ring will be moved to the ring finger of the right hand once the woman has her engagement ring.

After the couple becomes married, it is up to the newlyweds how they would like to handle the promise ring. If it is a beautiful decorative ring, the woman should by all means continue to wear it on her right hand. If the promise ring was a plain band or one which does not happen to fit her right hand, then a choice might be made to put it away for safekeeping. One thing is for certain: the promise ring will be a beloved and sentimental favorite piece of jewelry.

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Silver Promise Rings

A promise is made between two people and is typically meant to be kept for some time. So to signify this promise, a promise ring can be exchanged between two people. There are many types of promise rings available: diamond, titanium, gold, white gold and silver promise rings, to name a few. There are also many reasons to exchange promise rings: to signify the sealing of a long relationship between two people, to promise not to have sex until marriage, or perhaps to signify being a member of a cult or religious group.

Silver, used for both practical and ornamental purposes, is a metal that has a staying power. It is the most plentiful and least expensive of the earth's more precious metals like gold and palladium. Silver is a metal that has been used since the time of ancient civilizations to make everything from dishes to armor and crafted jewelry like silver promise rings. As such, a person with a small budget for a promise ring could ideally opt for a silver promise ring. As silver is a malleable and ductile metal, the silver promise ring could be inscribed with lovely, private wordings to seal the relationship.

However, one of the disadvantages of exchanging silver promise rings is that since silver is susceptible to tarnishing and scratching, the silver promise ring might become tarnished and scratched in the long run. To maintain the life of the silver ring, it should be stored in a cool, dry place and regularly rubbed with a polish and polishing cloth.

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His and Hers Promise Rings

A promise ring is a symbol of love and commitment made from one person to another. It traditionally is given during dating when the relationship turns more serious. When you give a promise ring, you are promising to be faithful and to love the recipient forever. Generally a promise ring is given as a precursor to an engagement ring. It symbolizes sort of a trial period before engagement, but can mean something far more romantic.

When you give a promise ring, it is up to you to come up with its true meaning. This can vary from person to person as much as relationships can vary from couple to couple. You may have helped your loved one through a personal hardship and your promise ring could symbolize your devotion towards being there when your partner needs you. It could simply be a romantic gift symbolizing the next level of your relationship. No matter what the individual meaning of the promise ring is, it is taken very seriously and should strengthen the bond between two people.

Promise rings are not necessarily meant just for women. The current trend is for the woman to also give the gift of a promise ring to a man. Men have historically been left out of the ring-receiving game until their wedding day. Now that it is much more common for men to accessorize with rings, whether it is costume jewelry, right hand rings or promise rings, the act of giving a promise ring to your male mate can make a unique and powerful impact on a man. Men appreciate being noticed and appreciated as much as women and there is no reason to leave him out of this special occasion. If he gives you a promise ring, he is no doubt proud of you and wants to spend his life with you. Return the favor and surprise him by doing the same.

Promise rings do not have to be fancy or expensive. Many people that give promise rings do it because they are ready to commit for life, but can not yet afford the engagement ring that they believe their lady deserves. When shopping for promise rings, there are a few guidelines that you should adhere to in order to adhere to the tradition.

First, the promise ring that you choose should be made of a precious metal, such as silver, gold or platinum. These types of metals will not turn, should not cause an allergic reaction, and should last for years and years. The second tradition to adhere to is that the ring be one solid circle. Adjustable rings just do not mean the same thing. A continuous circle represents the circle of life or the unending love and affection that you are aiming to embody.

It is also traditional to give someone a promise ring with small stones. Birthstones are very popular choices, but you can also leave this decision up to your imagination. Rubies can represent the red fire love that you feel towards your partner. Sapphires can symbolize that you always will be true blue towards your mate. Emeralds can correspond with how your special someone makes you feel rich and prosperous, despite the fact that you may not be rich by some people's standards.

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